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Vladimir gurevich, israel electric corporation this first article in a twopart series examines four basic theses about the ostensibly high reliability of microprocessorbased relay protection mp touted by. The micro51 operates from conventional 5a or 1a secondary current transformers. Rebirth of negativesequence quantities in protective. Microprocessorbased protective relays deliver more. But in reality it was just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. This scheme is free from blind spots, it can have a high degree of sensitivity. It introduces the applications, considerations, and setting philosophies used in transmissionline, distributionline, and substation applications. We have designed and implemented microprocessor based relay testing system through the use of the new technologies such as microcontroller. The internal operation of the microprocessor is based on the state time.

Test each protection element individually while monitoring trip output. It was initially assumed that commissioning microprocessorbased relays was essentially very similar to commissioning electromechanical relays. Relaying with microprocessorbased relays fernando calero schweitzer engineering laboratories, inc. This transition from the electromechanical to the numerical relays can be justified by the large flexibility and the wonderful features such as.

Protective relay principles focuses on probable power system failure modes and the important characteristics of the protective relays used to detect these postulated failures. Operation and maintenance of protective relays and associated. Microprocessorbased relays, also called digital relays, have a proven track record of reliability, with over 100,000 relayyears of field experience. Field evaluation of automatic restart of essential motors. The statistical data introduced by the author coincide with data of other authors and con. Digital relays are the functional replacements for electromechanical protective relays and may include many protection functions in a single unit, as well as providing metering, communication, and. Microprocessor relays with logic and communication capabilities can accomplish this type of scheme by using either hardwired trip contacts or by using communication signals between each other to transfer statuses.

The protective relays that may be tested by our developed relay testing system are. Microprocessor based protection relays, document number. Induction disk meters work by inducing currents in a disk that is free to rotate. Understanding microprocessor based relay logic part 1. For the 8096bh microcontroller, the state time is equal to three times the clock period. Microprocessorbased digital protection relays now emulate the original. Ebook protective relay principles as pdf download portable. The system uses graph theory to define busline arrangements as a series of vertices and edges, wherein the vertices include the number of busses in the system and the edges include disconnect circuit branches connecting the individual vertices. The text covers smart grids, integration of wind and solar generation, microgrids, and mmprs as the driving aspects of innovations in protective relaying. In electrical engineering, a protective relay is a relay device designed to trip a circuit breaker. Protective relay principles start download portable document format pdf and ebooks. Protective relays feature past, present, and future a.

It introduces the applications, considerations, and setting philosophies used in transmissionline, distribution. Relay information type, part number, style, and instruction manual. They are considered as a complete protection package in a single unit. In case of line protection via distance protection schemes, microprocessorbased relays also provide over current protection, directional over current protection for selectivity. Eaton protective relays provide you with unique microprocessorbased devices that eliminate unnecessary trips, isolate faults, protect motors and breakers, and provide system information to help you better manage your system. Most of todays microprocessor based relays implement multifunctional protection features. A particular system configuration, selected by the system operator, determines the status open or closed of the various disconnect branches. Inspections and checks for microprocessorbased relays.

Microprocessorbased distribution relay applications. Operation and maintenance of protective relays and. Microsoft powerpoint relay scheme design using microprocessor relays. Reliability of microprocessorbased relay protection. Understanding microprocessor based relay logic part 1 history of protective relays. Power system protection and switchgear badri ram, d. Now, microprocessorbased digital relays are becoming the norm for new installations and many replacements, because of their improved protective capabilities, reliability, and additional features. Microprocessor based protective relay ieee projects ieee. The article is a continuation of a set of the authors previous publications about the reliability of the microprocessorbased protective devices. Microprocessor based relays provide technical improvements and cost. This 8085 kit based interface circuit controls 64 relays. Abstractthis paper explains how microprocessorbased protective relays are used to provide both control and protection functions for. Using protective relays for microgrid controls william edwards and scott manson, schweitzer engineering laboratories, inc.

Pdf usually, the operational condition of relay protection devices is checked with specific settings. These new relays would quickly be established as the wave of the future. Abstractthis report covers issues concerning the security of electronic communication paths to protective relays. Microcontroller based overcurrent relay and directional. In utility and industrial electric power transmission and distribution systems, a numerical relay is a computerbased system with softwarebased protection algorithms for the detection of electrical faults. Microprocessorbased protection devices, microprocessorbased. By using the boolean simplification, we can represent the logic in a microprocessor based relay in a few different ways. Relay scheme design using microprocessor relays a report to the. Electric utilities company of nigeria eucn have traditionally used electromechanical emr distance relays for the protection of transmission lines in the past. Technician can create his own test plan based on past electromechanical procedures. Pdf tests of microprocessorbased relay protection devices.

The emphasis is on numerical relays since they have facilitated the calculation of symmetrical components. Protective relays are designed to take action when abnormal. The recent advancements in protective relaying are being dictated by mmprs microprocessorbased multifunction relays. Siprotec microprocessor based protective relay history of protective relay. Download fulltext pdf microprocessorbased overcurrent relays article pdf available in ieee transactions on industrial electronics ie331. The protective relays may be of various configurations, including electromechanical, nonprogrammable static, and programmable microprocessor based relays. Post jobs, find pros, and collaborate commission free in our professional marketplace. Tests of microprocessorbased relay protection devices. Microprocessorbased distribution relays contribute to improved reliability and reduced costs on electric power systems. Misapplication of microprocessor protective relays has the same impact on protection reliability as the. Pdf usually, the operational condition of relay protection devices is checked with specific. Microprocessorbased protective relays applications in.

Understanding microprocessor based relay logic part 3. It is the goal of this paper to present the reader with some background material and discussions by which they can. Analysis of microprocessor based protective re lays. Reliability of microprocessorbased relay protection devices myths and reality part i by dr. They are functional replacements for electromechanical protective relays and may include many protection functions in. Microcontroller based protective relay testing system. However, during the past 1520 years, there has been a widespread displacement of emr by microprocessorbased relay protection devices gurevich, 2012. In electrical engineering, a protective relay is a relay device designed to trip a circuit breaker when a fault is detected 4 the first protective relays were electromagnetic devices, relying on coils operating on moving parts to provide detection of abnormal operating conditions such as overcurrent, overvoltage, reverse power flow, overfrequency, and underfrequency. Us6411865b1 system for protection zone selection in. Fundamentals of microprocessor based protective relays suhag patel, p. Jul 12, 2019 in electrical engineering, a protective relay is a relay device designed to trip a circuit breaker when a fault is detected. Free download power system protection and switchgear by. Each protective relay is designed such that when it senses, or responds to, a fault condition, it causes its associated circuit breakers to interrupt the power to, or out of, the device.

This is a recreation of the first paper i ever presented from the neta conference in 2001 that was the foundation of the relay testing handbook series. Problems and solutions 337 examining the relays reaction in supplying the signal to them. In digital relay microprocessors and micro controllers are used in replacement of analogue circuits used in static relays to implement relay functions. Microprocessor relays are computerbased systems that utilize softwarebased protection algorithms for the detection of electrical faults. Freedownload b osorno abstract this paper analyses and explains from the systems point of view, microprocessor based protective relay mbpr. Such relays are also termed as microprocessor type protective relays. This book focuses on protective relaying, which is an indispensable part of electrical power systems. Power system, microprocessorbased relays, electromechanical relays, engineering design, maintenances costs, protection schemes.

With the advent of more and more powerful microprocessors and the development of analytical algorithms, microprocessor based protective relays may provide a considerable. The book presents useful new concepts in a way that is easier to understand because they are equally relevant to older, electromechanical and solidstate relays, and. Micro51 microprocessorbased overcurrent relays are used for phase and ground overcurrent protection in utility, industrial and commercial electrical power systems. In practice it has turned out that most mpds simply do not sense the substitution of the whole printed board of one kind for the board of other kind which is not compatible with relay current settings. Protective relays, associated communication systems, voltage and current sensing devices, station batteries and dc control circuitry.

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